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Prof. Taras Kutsenko (Terry Heimat)

Composer, conductor, sound engineer, producer

Taras Kutsenko
Composer, Conductor
Sound Engineer

Author and producer of projects:

GLOBAL OASIS VOL. 1 Music Album GRAMMY ® balloted - Producer, Composer, Artist,

PRANK Screenplay - Whriter

MADE IN MIAMI Music Album 2 Latin Grammy ® WINNER - Producer of Music video "MIM"

PRICE Singl - Sound producer, Engineer

LYZISTRATA Theatrical perfomance music Directad by Olga Berger - Producer, Composer, Artist

JUST a DAY Vocal-instrumental single, LATIN GRAMMY ® balloted - Producer, Composer, Artist

MAGIC SONG Crossover music film suite feat.: Al Di Meola, Amoury Gutierrez, Ed Calle, Leonid Agutin - Director, Producer, Composer, Artist

STAY Short film - Director, Producer, Composer, Artist

ODE TO JOY Crossover music - Producer, Composer, Artist

I'LL STAY WITH YOU Single - Producer, Composer, Artist

DING-DONG JESTER Single - Producer, Composer, Artist

GLORY Single - Producer, Composer, Artist

NIMOZO Single - Producer, Composer, Artist

BELIEVE Single - Producer, Composer, Artist

THE POWER OF NATURE Music album - Producer, Composer, Artist

THE LAST ROMANCE Short film - Director, Producer

THE PATTERNS ON THE STONES Music album - Producer, Composer, Artist

THE STARTING POINT Music video Global Music Awards Winner - Movie maker, Producer, Composer, Artist

THE GATE OF ALL WONDERS Music Album - Producer, Composer, Artist

FREEZE Short film - Director, Producer, Composer, Artist

CLOUDWARD Single - Producer, Artist

MY ENDLESS LOVE Single - Producer, Artist


The Seagull Theater Award
Global Music Awards
Palm Beach International Music Awards
Hollywood Independent Filmmaker Awards & Festival
Los Angeles Film Awards
Royal Society of Television & Motion Picture Awards
Los Angeles Silver Mask
New Media Film Festival
Red Dragon Creative Awards
Euro Music Video Song
Paris Film Awards
London Movie Awards
Florence Film Awards
London Best Music Video Awards
International World Film Awards
Munich Music Video Awards
Tokyo Film Awards
International Music Video Awards
Tatras International Film Festival
Emerald Peacock
Art Film Awards
Bratislava International Film Awards
International Sound Future Awards

Rome Music Video Awards

Prague International Film Awards

Hamburg Film Awards

Kosice International Film Festival

Mokkho International Film Festival

IV Kharkiv International Festival of Arts and Travel "ARTTRAVEL"

Prof. Taras Kutsenko TERRY HEIMAT
Composer, conductor, arranger, producer, Sound engineer, screenwriter, director.

Taras Kutsenko ( the stage name is Terry Heimat) representative of a dynasty of conductors and musicians. Father is a renowned conductor, Ph.D. in music, Professor.
Mother - music teacher (piano).

Origin of Name. Terry Heimat.
TERRY is the English equivalent of the name Taras, given at birth. HEIMAT is German for Homeland. It was his father's mother's surname.

Taras is a graduate of the most prestigious and elite universities and conservatories of music including the Moscow School of Musical Performance and Composition (Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory), the Leningrad (Sankt Petersburg) School of Conducting, the Kharkiv National University of Arts, the New York Film Academy, and the Berklee College of Music of Sound Engineering.

Collaboration: Francis Goya, Al di Meola, Amaury Gutierez, Richard Baravo, Camilo Valencia, Leonid Agutin, Camilo Velandia, Angelica Varum, Julio Ariel Diaz, Slava Vakarchuk, Lilian Garcia, Raisa Batista, Rayko Batista, Rafael Ernesto Perez Martinez, Anthony Quinones, Christian Medina, Nam San Fong, Sloboda Virtuosi Orchestra, ENIGMA tribute, METALLICA tribute, Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra.

Prof. Taras Kustenko is the winner of numerous video and music awards such as the Global Music Awards, Seagull Award (CHAIKA), Europe Music Award, Hollywood BLASTOFF, Los Angeles Silver Mask, Hollywood Independent Filmmaker Awards, New Media Film Awards, Palm Beach International Music Awards, Paris Film Awards, Munich Film Awards, Royal Society of Television & Motion Picture Awards.
Zhangjiajie University
Professors of Zhangjiajie University Academy of Arts
Professors of Zhangjiajie University Academy of Arts
Member of the International Trumpet Guild.
Member of the World Association of Principal Conductors.
Member of the European Association of Judges and Arbitrators.
The Artist of International Association.
Recipient of the Order of the "World Cultural Diplomacy".

Chief conductor of Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra, Hunan, China.
Maestro Taras Kutsenko - Professor of the Academy of Arts of Zhangjiajie University.

Instrumental Performance & Conducting
Master degree of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory
Assistant Intern Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory
Master degree of Kharkiv National University of Arts
Music management
Doctorate degree (PhD) in Management of Moscow Academy of International Cooperation
Public Administration
Master degree of Public Administration Academy under the President of Ukraine. International Law.
Sound Engener / Filmmaking / SMM specialist
2020-2021 New York Film Academy Online Film Production School
2021-2023 California Berkley School Online Sound Engineer Film Production School
2023 Diia Education of Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine
In 2018, he founded Terry Heimat production studio.
2003 Terry Heimat Studios LLC
In 1996, he began his career as an artist with the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra under Mark Gorinstein.
In 2003 for his music for theatre productions and movies, he became a Winner of prestigious theatrical “Seagull” award.
From 2002 to 2012 he was a member of the SoundDrama Moscow Theatre Studio directed by musician and director Vladimir Pankov. As a member of this collective he wrote music for more than 20 theatrical performances and films.
Until 2012 he played in productions of the Moscow Art Theatre named after Chekhov directed by Oleg Tabakov, the Moscow Pushkin Theatre, the Theatre "Et-Cetera" directed by Alexander Kalyagin, the Theatre of Nations directed by Evgeny Mironov, the Centre for Dramaturgy and Directing directed by Roschenko and Kazantsev.
In collaboration with the artistic director of the Moscow Chekhov Theater, People's Artist of Russia Oleg Tabakov has developed and implemented the "Moscow Art Theater to Students" program. The aim of the project is to popularize the art of theater among young people.
Terry Heimat also released a CD with the soundtracks to the play directed by Kirill Serebrennikov.
Terry Heimat has worked with renowned theater directors Declan Donnelly, Andrey Zholdak, Kirill Serebrennikov, Yuri Muravitsky, Nyakroshus, Mark Weil and Vladimir Pankov.

In 2010, together with the musicians of SoundDrama, he made a European tour, during which he recorded a CD with music for trumpet in the acoustics of famous Catholic churches in France.
The Rubik's Cube Project by Yegor Saiko (Psycho), Taras Kutsenko directed by Yurii Muravitsky. Moscow. Doc.Theatre 2008.
Solo project "Christmas Vacation" in Castels of France.
The "Christmas Vacation" project was recognized by UNESCO as part of the Cultures of the World program
In 2008 Taras Kustenko recorded a series of accoustic videos in the main castles of France.
The performance was performed in the castles of Paris, Nanking, Nor-pas-de-Calais, Cherbourg and Nice.
In 2010, Taras Kutsenko returns to Ukraine, where he creates an orchestra.
In 2013 Maestro Kutsenko founded the Kharkiv Sloboda Virtuosi Orchestra. With this team he participated in the projects of Trebyut of the ENIGMA and METALIKA groups, Slava Vakarchuk (Ukrainian singer), Alexandr Ponomorev (Ukrainian singer), Francis Goya & Bernard Wrincq.
Among the aurora projects in Ukraine, we can mention the organization of the "International master classes of conductors of the Italian Opera", the staging of the play "Gloria Carmen", sand show "Per Gynt" together with the artist Svetlana Telbukh and the sand animation studio "Art You".
In 2012 a CD with the world classics music is released. Recording from the Open Air EURO2012 concert.
In 2018, along with musicians from Ukraine, Terry Heimat was invited to conduct in China.
A year later, together with a professor at Zhangjiajie University, he founded the Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra and the Zhangjiajie Symphony Center. There he also founded his own production studio and carried out a number of landmark projects.
The Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra became a participant in the international multistar
MAGIC SONG project.
China Red Light Festival
An article about the event in a Chinese periodical.
Terry Heimat has been a member of the Foreign Musicians Association in China since 2019 and has participated in festivals and competitions organized by various music organizations in China.
Inducted into the Hallelujah Hall of Fame
In August 2018, the Hallelujah Concert Hall held an induction ceremony for distinguished cultural figures inducted into its "Hall of Fame."
Это событие было приурочено к юбилейному "Сезон музыки желтого дракона", который привлек десятки тысяч любителей музыки из Китая и зарубежья. Призовой фонд фестиваля составил 4,885 млн. юаней и 475 призов. Это событие было внесено в книгу рекордов как самое массовое культурное мероприятие для хоровых коллективов и музыкальных групп.
В состав международного жюри вошли ведущие эксперты музыкального искусства, в том числе Ли Пэйчжи, Янь Баолинь, Куценко Тарас и многие другие. Победители получили гранты на развитие искусства в размере 500 000 юаней.

Ode to Joy has won over 10 awards at various festivals and awards around the world and has become one of the most indexed audio products among crossover compositions.
In 2020, Terry Heimat, with guitarist Francis Goya and the Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra, released a crossover version of Beethoven's famous Symphony No. 9.
Guitarist Bernard Wrincq, soloist of the Odessa Opera Ruslan Zinevich, and saxophonist Ivan Levchenko, winner of international competitions, took part in the recording.
Beginning in 2019, active participation in programs to prevent the spread of the virus. Supporting the population in overcoming the epidemic situation.
Terry is a Winner of the international contests of the wind instruments and international awards of the composition and sound.
The single "Believe" was the starting point of the Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra's efforts to prevent the spread of the epidemic.
Recording participants: ZPO orchestra artists Vasyl Lotut, composer Taras Kutsenko, Kateryna Kochergina, Kostiantyn Slobodenuk
The "Ode to Joy" project was organized remotely. Together with the musicians of the orchestra and the legendary guitarist Francis Goya, a crossover version of Ludwig van Beethoven's famous theme from the #9 Symphony was created.

Beethoven's Symphony 9 was recorded on mobile phones.

The musicians sent their video recordings to the headquarters of the project for further processing of sound and video.
The project "Ode to Joy" became an example of the solidarity of musicians from different countries of the world. Conductor and arranger Taras Kutsenko wrote the musical score for the symphony orchestra and soloists. Beethoven's famous work began to sound in a new form.
(c) 2020
Symphony No. 9 of the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven has always inspired victory. In difficult times, this music sounded like a symbol of a person's steadfastness in the face of difficulties. Sound design and mixing was carried out in the studio of Sasha Gusev, a renowned sound engineer, a follower of the Berkeley American School of Sound Engineering.

Musicians of the Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra, together with world stage star Francis Goya, performed this arrangement on Europe Day.

Premiere May 20, 2020
In 2021 the project Ode to Joy was presented at the New Media Film Festival in Los Angeles, where the project was watched by a large number of viewers, as well as representatives of EMMYS, HBO, Marvel production, BMI & Grammy.
In 2019, composer Taras Kutsenko's album entitled Patterns on the Stones was released.
In 2020, the short film FREEZE was released. In the following years, the following short films were created: STAY, YOUNG EAGLES, THE LAST ROMANCE. All films have been awarded international festivals and prizes.
An article in the New York edition of BULVAR about the movie STAY.


In the period from 2020 to 2021, the Magic Song project was initiated by the American producer Alex Sino with the participation of prominent musicians from the world music industry.
In December 2021, a music video MAGIC SONG composed by Terry Heimat (Taras Kutsenko). Music performed by a multi-star cast of musicians was released on all Warner Music digital platforms. The project immediately became a bestseller.
The Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra became a participant in the international multistar
MAGIC SONG project.
Terry has worked with prominent personalities, many of whom are Grammy and Emmy award winners. Among them: Francis Goya (guitar), Ed Calle (saxophone), Al Di Meola (guitar), Leonid Agutin (singer), Camilo Valencia (sound producer), Angelica Varum (vocal), Amaury Gutierrez (vocal), Richard Bravo (percussion), Camilo Velandia (guitar), Albert Fedoseev (piano), Ralfy "Fafa" Valencia (bass).



In 2022 he received his Ph.D. and authored a methodology for teaching composition and arranging to novice musicians.



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