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Cover version of single 《你 莫 走》

Chinese song
《你 莫 走 NIMOZO》

Please Don't Go!
Arrangement byTaras Kustenko & Sasha Gusev
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Caver Version
Single《你 莫 走》NIMOZO was in the top ten in China. The lyrics were written by Xu Yong, and Shu Wei was the music. Today the hit has over 7 billion views and is growing in popularity.
The idea for the cover version belongs to producers Jane Debin and Luo Yong. They invited the conductor of the Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra Taras Kutsenko to write a cover version of this song and perform it.
"It turned out great!" - says producer Jane Debin. "Let's now shoot a clip of all the wonderful landscapes of Zhangjiajie."
The video was directed by Professor Li Beichuan, and cameraman by Fu Xiuzheng and young editor Wang Min, who filmed from the air.
This video, like the original, has its own large audience, and a cover version of the song, created by Taras Kutsenko and arranger Sasha Gusev, entered the Museum of National Folklore of Hunan Province.
Photos from the filming of the clip.
The video was shot in the scenic area of Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China.
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