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a Terry Heimat music album.
released on March 1, 2021
Production: Ukraine, China
UPC: 859747378657

"The Gate of All Wonders".

Album title was proposed by Lao Tzu, the great philosopher of China more than 2000 years ago. This very esoteric and famous philosophical proposition can be simply understood as: the Gate to all the mysteries of the universe.

Composer and arranger Taras Kutsenko, who inherited the principles of sound recording in the SoundDrama studio of Vladimir Pankov, together with the musicians of the studio Vlalimir Nelinov, Vladimir Kudryavtsev, Sergey Rodyukov, in collaboration with sound designer and arranger Sasha Gusev and a musician from Uzbekistan, soloist of the Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra Ilkhom Shoismatov, recreated the ilusivity sound of Asian coloristic.

"The Gate of All Wonders" reflects understanding of Zhangjiajie's traditional national music and his interpretation of Hunan province Chinese music culture.

"I tried to understand the secret of the national musical culture of Zhangjiajie and everything in the universe."

Taras Kutsenko
The album contains seven tracks.

The album contains seven tracks.

1. Step by step.

2. The road to the mountain

3. Lullaby of the Mountain

4. Tianmen Mountain Scenery

5. Tea Road

6. Fairy Tianmen Mountain dance

7. Zhangjiajie Happy Children

Creation team
Musicians of the Zhangjiajie Philharmonic took part in the recording of the album.
  • Taras Kutsenko
    Composer, Trumpet player
  • Sasha Gusev
    Sound designer
  • Ilkhomejon Shoismatov
  • Vladimir Kudryavtsev
    Composer, Contrabass player
  • Vladimir Nelinov
    Composer, Drummer
  • Sergey Rodykov
    Composer, Accordion player
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