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Ballet film

"The last romance" ©2021

The ballet film about the time of the Korean War. Choreographer - Yuliya Kutsenko
The plot of the film takes place in a maiden's house. Her lover came to her house, and after a brief meeting with her, he must go to war. As he leaves, he leaves his cap. What will happen to them then? Perhaps this is a dream?
The smartest people work every day to provide the best quality of the film.
  • Julia Kutsenko
  • Zhou Si Qi
  • Zhang Yong Qing
“War changes the fate of people and separates them from each other. But responsibility to the Motherland is above all, because the Motherland is our home! "

Yuliya Kutsenko
Music Georgy Sviridov
Actors Zhou Si Qi
Zhang Yong Qing
Dance idea Dmitry Bryantsev
Fashion design Terry Greatborn
Stage lights Peng Shuai
Makeup Qi Ying
Qi Jing
Painter Sergey Kolesnikov
"To heaven"
Poems Konstantin Simonov
Voiceover by Bulat Yunusov
Sir Laurence Olivier

Musical Illustration for Puschkin's Snowstorm
"Romance" "Spring and Summer"
Tchaikovsky State Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Vladimir Fedoseyev

Сamera man Luo Yong
V-editing Jan Li Wung
Sound engineers Serdey Pasikhin
Ivan Veprintsev
Mastering Smith Carlson
Stage operator Fu Chenan
Administrator Luo Le
Translation Ma Liming
Mike Munford
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