We are Production Studio is an international digital production studio specializing in the creation of audio video content.


Studio prices

Terry Heimat Studios LLC specializes in the production and distribution of audio and video content.

One of the most important assignments of the studio is a clear understanding of the purpose of using the produced content, whether it is a birthday song, a TV commercial, or any trendy musical and video content. There is no universal approach used by us. Each customer is a unique client and our job is to clearly understand what exactly the client wants when services are ordered. Our goal is to maximally share that understanding with our production company explaining at the same our point of view and advising clients of the best solution.

We offer a full cycle of music and video production including but not limited to composing lyrics and music from scratch, adopting clients’ ideas and demos, sound recording, tonal correction, audio processing, arrangement, mixing, mastering, video content editing, and distribution on all digital platforms of the world.

Terry Heimat Studios LLC is equipped with high-quality equipment. We employ top-notch people who know and love their work, so we guarantee you a professional result, as well as convenience while working with us.

Our works are winners of many awards and international honors, which speaks for the high level of quality of our services and gives you the assurance of achieving maximum results.

We are ready to cooperate with both individuals and companies. We have been successfully cooperating on the international market of audio-video content production and distribution for five years.
The cost of production depends on customer requirements. The prices below are only a kind of benchmark in pricing.
The order of production prices for June 2023.
Prices are in Chinese yuan.

100 RMB = $15
Order over 5000 yuan - 100 yuan = $13

  • Recording studio 400 CNY per hour.
  • Narrator services from 800 CNY.
  • Dubbing, voice-over narration, toning 200 CNY 1 hour work.
  • Vocal recording from 5000 CNY 1 track.
  • Instrumental recording 800 CNY 1 hour.
  • Multi-track mixing starting from 3000 CNY 1 track.
  • Turnkey song from 10 000 CNY.

  • Song lyrics writing from 10000 CNY.
  • Song as a gift (with a ready-made soundtrack) from 1400 CNY to 2000 CNY.
  • Arrangement from 10000 CNY.
  • Accompaniment writing 10000 CNY.

  • Recording of synchronous noises 400 CNY 1 hour.
  • Video Recording from ready made materials 800 CNY / up to 10 minutes of video.
  • Color correction from 500 CNY / up to 10 minutes of video.

  • Full symphony orchestra 25000 CNY 1 track.
  • Small symphony orchestra 20000 CNY 1 track.
  • Ensemble of instrumentalists (two wind instruments, solo guitar, keys, bass guitar, drums) 5000 CNY 1 track.

  • Distribution on all digital platforms worldwide. PRICE AFTER AN INTERVIEW.

  • Organization of tours of stars of the world music industry.
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Contacts in China
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