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Organ, Accordion
"Music combines many forms of coexistence and from this it becomes the greatest gift of the universe."
Organ, Accordion
"Music combines many forms of coexistence and from this it becomes the greatest gift of the universe."
Eliza an organ player, was born in Ukraine in 1997. She started to learn the accordion when she was 8 years old in the Chernihiv School of Art. Since then she has become the winner of various music competitions along with her twin sister Anastasia.
In 2013 Liza continued her music education in the Chernihihv Music College as an accordion player. During the college times she has started her first performances abroad.
In 2015 she worked in the ensemble of Ukrainian music in Tianjin Aircraft Carrier theme park. The stage was built inside of a real Ukrainian aircraft carrier called “Kyiv”. Thereafter she has performed the children's program with circus actors in the one of the biggest resorts in Zhuhai, China.
Next country on the list is India. Liza has worked in the magical city of Mumbai as a member of a small orchestra.
The next performances Yelyzaveta got in the United Arabic Emirates in 2016. She played a few solo performances there also. In 2017 Liza got the invitation to Tunisia. This exotic African country was captivated by the sounds of the accordion. During the time in Tunisia Liza started to practice playing the organ. She has started as an amateur, but quickly enough has improved her skills and has reached an advanced level.
After the graduation Liza started her job in the Municipal Palace of Culture in Chernihiv city as an accordion player.
In 2018 China called Liza back. She started with a band together with her twin sister in Yinchuan, Ningxia province. Next few years till 2022 Yelyzaveta has performed in the most famous resorts of China, such as Wanda, Grand Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton. During that time, she started to cooperate with Viscount, one of the most honored organ manufacturers from Italy, and built a strong friendship with its Shanghai branch.
As of today Yelyzaveta`s performance is always characterized by an impeccable feeling of classical music styles, especially the music of Johann Bach. Liza knows how to convey the figurative content of music. Her playing is suitable for understanding by all ages and nationalities.












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