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The song by Terry Heimat and Alex Sino won the hearts of the Wulingyuan Digeer Music Fest 2023 audience.

On July 2, 2023, Wulingyuan City, Hunan, China hosted by the first rock festival in support of tourism in China.

The place was not chosen by chance. The festival was held at the main gate to Avatar Nature Park, where director James Cameron once drew inspiration for his film Avatar. It is one of the most visited places in Zhangjiajie. Millions of tourists pass through this gate every year and now, after the pandemic, the Zhangjiajie government once again invites everyone to visit this amazing and picturesque place.
Rock bands performed at the festival and the headliners were guests from Europe, composer and musician Terry Heimat and his musicians from Ukraine Yuri Kokidko (trumpet), Elena Savchuk (violin), Oksana Tolmacheva (cello). The musicians performed two compositions I'll Stay with You and Zhangjiajie is Paradise, which is a strap of Alexander Rybak's song "Fairytale" with lyrics in Chinese written and performed by Terry Heimat.
The song "I'll Stay with You," whose lyrics were written by famous American producer and writer Alex Sino, was created in recognition of all the survivors and advocates who work so hard to raise awareness in the fight against cancer. Once again, the creators reminded the world of this devastating problem and urged us to help those in need.
During the filming of the music video, it was decided to commit an act of solidarity with people with cancer, for which Terry Heimat shaved his head and kept this image for six months.
At the end of the grand show, the audience watched the fireworks, which were made by Chinese experts according to ancient customs without the use of gunpowder.

This performance closed the concert season of the Zhangjiajie Symphony Center and Terry Heimat Production Studio.
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