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Thanks 2021- Hello 2022

A little bit about the results of the outgoing 2021.
Thank you for all the good things that have happened to us. We will remember this year forever, but only the good and the blessed. There were a lot of losses, but we believe that we will keep the acquisitions that we have now and thank 2021 for this.
The Last Romance》short film-ballet

- Kosice International Film Festival (finalist)

Starting point》Music video for the album "Patterns on the stones" 2020

- Global Music Awards (winner)
- Palm Beach International Music Awards (winner)
- Roma Music Cudeo Awards (semi-finalist)
- Euro Music Video Song Awards (finalist)
- International Sound Future Awards (finalist)
- Prague International Film Awards (finalist)

The Gate of all Wonders》music album


- Palm Beach International Music Awards (winner)
- top 200 - relax music according to the publication "Musucal Opinion China"

Glory》 - single

- High Tatras Film & Video Festival (winner)
- Emerald Peacock International Film Festival (winner)
- Art Film Awards - Monthly Competition (winner)
- Bratislava International Film Awards (winner)
- International Music Video Awards (finalist)
- Rome Music Video Awards (finalist)
- Euro Music Video Song Awards (finalist)
- International Sound Future Awards (semi-finalist)

Stay》 - short film

- Florence Film Awards (winner)
- London Movie Awards (Honorable Mentions)

Magic Song》 - single,short film

- is on the list of trending and most viewed Holidays videos with more than 100,000 views in just a one week after release!

Many thanks to everyone who was with us this year:

Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra
Sasha Gusev - sound design
Dr. Alex Sino - writer
Ilkhomjon Shoismlatov - violine
Team of the Magiv Song project
Scetlana Telbukh
• Dr. Al Di Meola on acoustic guitar
• Terry Heimat on trumpet
• Camilo Velandia on electric guitar
• Richard Bravo on drums and percussions
• Angelica Maria Varum - leading voice
• Dr. Ed Calle on saxophone
• Andrei Pushkarev on vibraphone
• Ralfy “Fafa” Valencia on bass guitar
• Leonid “Lenny” Agutin - leading voice
• Amaury Gutierrez - leading voice
• Camilo Valencia on EWI/alt saxophone
• Alemnest Andino on flute
• Albert Fedoseev on piano - Russia
• Julio Ariel Diaz on mute trumpet
Anatoli Telbukh
Vuktor Renner
We wish you all health and well-being in the new year!
Happy New Year!
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