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Ukrainian musicians gave a concert in China.

On June 15, 2023, at the "Music Corner" of Zhangjiajie University, a concert of organ music was held with the participation of newly arrived musicians from Ukraine, who are members of the Zhangjiajie Symphony Center and the Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra.
Yelizaveta Karpenko (Ukraine), a staff organist at Zhangjiajie University, demonstrated high performing skills.
The concert featured soloists of the Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra Yuri Kokidko (flugelhorn), Elena Savchuk (violin), Oksana Tolmachevo (cello), Zhangjiajie College Choir, artistic director Liu Kuihong Young, and soloists of the Zhangjiajie Symphony Center.
The concert's music director and conductor is Maestro Terry Heimat.
The concert program includes:
Bach Prelude and Fuque C minor BWV 549'
Bach Prelude in A minor BWV 543;
Louis-Claude Daquin "The cuckoo";
Bach - Fantasia and fugue in G minor BWV 542;
Felix Mendelssohn "Wedding March";
Marcello - Adagio;
Mozart - Little Night Serenade Part 1;
Bach - Prelude B minor BWV 544;
Bach - "Pedal exercise";
Boellmann Suite Gotique - IV Toccata;
Hans Zimmer - Interstellar
The audience warmly greeted the concert participants with loud cheers.
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