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Winner BLASTOFF Award.

Music track "BazaArt" ("All Be Fine" from the author's album Taras Kutsenko "Patterns on the Stones" was awarded the American prize BLASTOFF in the category " Best song / musical score for the film, which is still not completed/not released." This is stated on the award's Facebook page.

The expert jury, which included film and television producers, nominated three nominees:
Musician from USA Allan Johnson with music "Knock and Talk"; composers-brothers Juan and Toni Jimenez Cerezo from Palma de Mallorca (Spain) with single score
"Accomplice Smile" and the single "BazaArt" (All be fine) by composer Taras Kutsenko, arranged by sound designer Sasha Gusev.

The recording of the single was attended by musicians of Ukrainian origin of the Chinese Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra Konstantin Slobodenyuk (flute), Anastasia Drobyshevskaya (violin), Igor Solodovnik (viola) and Oksana Tolmacheva (cello).
Sound designer and arranger by Sasha Gusev.
The album's slogan is Life after the epidemic. We've changed, but we still like to joke. This is a track from the author's album "Patterns on the Stones" - Taras Kutsenko.
The Los Angeles BLASTOFF Awards honor feature and short films, actors, filmmakers, composers and sound engineers. The winners receive an award of up to $ 10,000, as well as assistance in distributing films around the world. BLASTOFF has its own channel that allows regular virtual screenings.

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