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The list of the “Magnificent Seven”

The list of Ukrainians who have received the prestigious Grammy ® Awards has been enriched with one more name.

Alex Sino, a native of Ukraine on November 16, 2023, became the Two Times Latin Grammy Award Winner and the only one from the list of Ukrainian-born Grammy Winners who received the Grammys in the Categories different from “Classical Music” - as the Producer for Best Instrumental Album of the Year (Camilo Valencia and Richard Bravo - Made in Miami) and for Best Arrangement.

How was it at the Grammys?

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There are Grammy Winning Ukrainian-born “Magnificent Seven”:

  • Nadia Shpachenko (born in Kharkiv)
  • Ruslan Sirota (born in Uman)
  • David Oistrakh (born in Odessa)
  • Svyatoslav Richter (born in Zhitomir)
  • Vladimir Horovitz (born in Kyiv)
  • Nathan Milstein (born in Odessa)
  • Alex Sino (born in Odessa)

What is the Latin Grammy?

In the year 2000, the Academy of Recording Arts grew the list of Grammy Awards to 104 within 30 categories with half of them represented by Latin artists and Latin music. Addressing this trend, the Recording Academy established 2 major divisions: National (NARAS) and Latin or International (LARAS). So Latin Grammy is the Grammy that honors works recorded in Spanish or Portuguese languages or recorded music in Latin rhythms or recorded by Latino artists from anywhere around the world that has been released in Latin America, Spain, Portugal, and by the Latino population in Canada and the United States where the Hispanic population had reached 19%.

What do we know about Alex Sino?

Alex Sino was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine. In 1989 he moved with his family to the USA, where he graduated from the prestigious New York University and received the Doctorate degree.

Alex Sino is a screenwriter, creative producer, and lyricist. He has worked with numerous established and emerging artists including Al Di Meola, Leonid Agutin, MC Solaar, Ruslana, Macy Gray, Arturo Sandoval, Rudy Perez, Anthony Jackson, Xavier Naidoo, Till Brönner, Orlando “Maraca” Valle, Terry Heimat, No Mercy, Jon Secada, Diego Torres, Amaury Gutierrez, Carlos Oliva, Omara Portuondo, along with many others.
In his decades-long career, Alex has created and produced an impressive list of prominent songs, albums, music videos, and movies.
Among the more recent highlights are: producing the Grammys Winning album “Camilo Valencia and Richard Bravo - Made in Miami”, producing the album "La Vida Cosmopolita," featuring Leonid Agutin, Al Di Meola, Jon Secada, Diego Torres, Amaury Gutierrez which was featured in Billboard and on Telemundo. His work included producing five music videos to accompany the album. His song “Just a Rainy Day” from that album won the prestigious USA Songwriting Competition and won “The John Lennon Song Contest”.
Alex Sino co-created and wrote lyrics for the "Cosmopolitan Life" album with Al Di Meola and Leonid Agutin that was on Top Jazz Charts in Europe. His involvement included writing and producing the movies "Cosmopolitan Live" and "Live in Montreux with Al Di Meola”. His work included the production of live and recorded TV shows for the Eurovision Award in Berlin, “Italiani nel Mondo” for RAI 1 (Italy), Montreux Jazz Festival, Stuttgart Jazz Festival, and Jurmala Music Festival in Latvia.
Alex co-produced high-profile concerts and music albums in Cuba, including a concert at the historic Piazza Cathedral in Havana, Cuba. Performers at the concert included the legendary Omara Portuondo from Buena Vista Social Club, Leonid Agutin, Pancho Amat, Rene Toledo, and Orlando “Maraca” Valle.
Alex is the author of two award-winning books, "The Grand Old Man" and "The Music Without Borders”.
He is the voting member of Emmy, the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences - Grammys, and the Member of the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts.
His 2022 international project with Terry Heimat “The Magic Song” based on the music of the Ukrainian Folk song “Shedryk” has received International recognition and was raising funds for women and children of Ukraine. Alex Sino along with the Honorable Sculptor of Ukraine Mychailo Reva is the Trustee of the Ukrainian Charitable Organization - “Reva Cultural Foundation”.
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