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Premiere in California

On June 3, California hosted the theatrical premiere of a Russian special about the war.

"Olga Berger's Theatrical Living Room has released Leonid Filatov's folk comedy LYZISTRATA . The play premiered in California on June 3. The music for the play was written by Ukrainian composer Taras Kutsenko (Terry Heimat).

The play was attended by performers from the former Soviet Union, members of the Theatre Halls of Olga Berger: Elvira Aksonova, Galina Malinskaya, Anna Gogua, Alexander Dalidchik, Natalia Ivanova, Dmitry Maranik, Irina Chuiko, Oksana Kamenskaya, Svetlana Burtseva, Alesya Berger.

The play "Lysistrata" by Leonid Filatov was written in 1998, based on the ancient Greek comedy "Lysistrata" by Aristophanes. Dating back to 411 B.C.. This play is about love and bringing people together when they are interested in the same thing: people want peace!

And above all, women want peace. And they've always wanted it! That's how nature intended it. War is always about wives, mothers, sisters and daughters. About those who lose their relatives and loved ones. Aristophanes wrote a comedy about the way women solved such problems in ancient Greece.

Leonid Filatov reinterpreted Aristophanes' comedy, suggesting the current state of society. Filatov's far-sightedness is astonishing, for when we look back at the past and compare it with the current state of affairs, we are horrified by the fact that nothing has changed, but only mutates, like a virus. For thousands of years, generations of people have gone through wars, suffering and hardship. Aristophanes described the most wonderful happy ending possible in such troubled times, and gave women in this historical context the idea that love, loyalty and solidarity can work wonders. The play could not help but touch our hearts and make us immerse ourselves in a world of experiences that have been familiar to people since ancient times.

The music for the play was composed by Taras Kutsenko (Terry Heimat), a former member of the SounDrama theater studio with which he collaborated with Olga Berger.

A word from the composer: "For me, this next touch of ancient Greek themes has been a happy time of creativity. A wonderful team of artists led by director Olga Berger embodied the musical translation of themes about the famous heroine of the epic and her companions in this attempt to 'douse the fire of war'.

Especially for the premiere, a LYZISTRATA music album was released on the Apple Music platform, which includes seven main tracks from the play:

Prologue of Lyzistrata;

Appeal of Lyzistrata;

Canon Lyzistrata;

Ambient Love;

Believe in Love;

You Don't Own Me;

My Endless Love.

The album is released on Terry Heimat production studio UPC:859773831805
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