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Terry Heimat Studios LLC

The “Magic Song” received “Red Dragon Awards” in Dallas, TX USA.

The “Magic Song” film directed and composed by Terry Heimat and produced by Alex Sino received 5 “Red Dragon Awards” in Dallas, TX USA in 5 major categories:
- Best producer to Alex Sino;
- Best VFX to TVK studio,
- Best Fantasy Short to PIER 5 LLC;
- Best Musical Short to TVK studio;
- Best Background Score” to soloists for performing, improvising and co-writing a background score namely:
Al Di Meola (Acoustic guitar)

Ed Calle (saxophone)

Richard Bravo (Percussions)

Albert Fedoseev (Piano)

Andrei Pushkarev (Vibraphone)

Camilo Velandia (Electric guitar)

Leonid Agutin (Lead vocal)

Julio Ariel Diaz (Mute trumpet)

Angelica Varum (Lead vocal)

Amaury Gutierrez (Lead vocal)

Camilo Valencia (EWI)

Ale Andino (flute)

Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra #ZPO

Ann Lytvyn (cello)

Konstantin Slobodenyuk (flute)

Alexei Tymkiv (clarinet)

Daniil Popov (clarinet)

Congratulations to the entire team of creators of the project on amazing victory!

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