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The song "Glory", a Ukrainian composer in China, received a European award.

The song "Glory", which was composed by a musician from Ukraine, Calls on the world to unite in the fight against the epidemic.
The winner of many musical awards, composer and conductor Taras Kutsenko (Terry Heimat), together with the musician of the Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra and the Zhangjiajie Center for Syphonic Art, released a new single "Glory".
"A music video about the victory over epidemics and world peace.
Responsible China shows responsibility for Humanity.
I have twice witnessed how the Chinese people, led by the Chinese Government, are selflessly fighting the epidemic. Thanks to close-knit work and discipline in business, they manage to achieve success." - says the author of the music and lyrics of the song Taras Kutsenko.
Young singers of the Zhangjiajie Symphony Art Center took part in the recording of the song.

The head of the center, Professor Luo Yong says:
"The wisdom of the East makes the anti-epidemic see the hope of victory.
Unite and let the development of the world ride the wind and waves.
Unite, let history witness the glory of Humanity."
In the near future, the team of song creators plans to popularize the idea of uniting in the fight against the epidemic of our time.
At the festival in Slovakia, the song was awarded the prize for the best sound design for a music video.

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