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Film "STAY" - world premiere

October 1, 2021 - premiere of the new film "Stay".

“Stay” is the new movie filmed in China and directed by a multiple international awards winner, composer, conductor and musician Terry Heimat. He was joined by awards winning scriptwriter Alex Sino and sound designer Sasha Gusev. Original Music was written by Taras Kutsenko 
(c) 2021

“Stay a moment, breathe, and make your life more meaningful by listening to the music before going back to ordinary” is the main message of the movie Stay.

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tempora mutantur et nos mutamur in illis

“The times are changing, and we change in them” is the opening remark of “Stay”. Film story adds to this famous Latin quote that
“nowadays the time and people are not only changing but are changing fast“. Running pace of life could only be stretched by music.

«Stay» is a story about violinist who plays at one of the crowded railway stations. He wants, as many of us, to remain human at the difficult circumstances that we all live. The violinist wants to have the ability to communicate systematically with the world via his music, symbols, body gestures, and facial expressions. And people while listening to him are moving away from their ordinary life to more meaningful existence. There is only 8 minutes between arrival and departure but what the difference does it make!

Premiere October 1, 2021 in Los Angeles at 6:00 PM

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