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Ukrainian musician has been nominated for an award in Los Angeles.

Ukrainian conductor and arranger Taras Kutsenko, nominated in the 12th Annual New Media Film Festival® slated for June 2-3 2021 Los Angeles CA .

March 15, 2021 14:10
The press service of TVK production studio reports, citing a source in Los Angeles.

New Media Film Festival ®, an innovative and award-winning festival created in 2009, celebrates global stories, technology, and platforms.

Project of the Taras Kutsenko "Ode to Joy" are In competition for $45,000 in awards with judges from Marvel, HBO, EMMYS, BBC, PBS & more. The project is named in the "Music Only" category.

Arranger Taras Kutsenko
"Ode to Joy"
This project was born out of a great desire to unite during the pandemic. Many musicians of the Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra (Hunan, China), together with famous guitarists Francis Goya (Spain) and Bernard Wrincq (Monaco), in collaboration with opera singer Ruslan Zinevych (Ukraine) and saxophonist Ivan Levchenko (Ukraine), recorded their videos on smartphones, and sound designer Sasha Gusev worked with this material to create a full fledged studio sound.
The project was also attended by the musician on the ethnic Chinese instrument Erhu, professor at Zhangjiajie University Luo Yong.

Among the nominees' rivals are representatives of America, Germany and the United Kingdom:

Сomposer Donny Wilson – USA,
"An Interesting Story About an Uninteresting Guy"
Logline - This soundtrack covers all genres and features over 70 musicians from Chicago.

Artist Samarah Conley - USA
"Movin’ On"
“I wrote this when I was eleven years old. I was feeling sad when I wrote the song. The song title Movin’ On which is also the chorus didn’t actually come to me until I was in studio with my producer Len Monachello with Soundtronics. He creatively pushed me and Movin’ On was born. Thanks Lenny!” – Samarah

Artist Conny Conrad - Germany
"Endless Guitars".
From the internationally award-winning anniversary album “The World Anthem” shows Conny Conrad and his love for the guitar and other instruments.

Artist – emaé – UK
emaé would see her family move from Scotland to England, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana before settling in London. A feel-good blend of soul-pop, emaé is a fusion of all the cultures that embraced her and the places she’s called home.

According to the organizers
"Since the situation is rapidly changing in the requirements for COVID at the federal and state level, the festival organizers have developed several plans for which everyone will be able to vote for the nominee they like. In the second half of April 2021, voting will open, which will be announced later."

The event itself will take place on June 2 and 3, 2021 in Los Angeles, California, place at 10850 West Pico Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90064
Tickets for the event.
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