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For centuries, the music world has used 440 Hz as the standard frequency for tuning musical instruments. Taking into account that music is a human treasure given by the universe (God), some musicians practice saying that tuning at 432 Hz has better effect on the human body, but there is no scientific research to support this hypothesis.


After the article "Music Tuned to 440 Hz Versus 432 Hz and the Health Effects: A Double-blind Cross-over Pilot Study" by the researcher and composer Gian Paolo Pomponi, experiments were conducted and the differences in vital parameters and perception after listening to music at different frequencies, 440 Hz and 432 Hz were revealed.

Two sessions of listening to music on different days. Both sessions used the same music (Movie & Dance soundtracks of Terry Heimat), but tuned to 440 Hz on one day and 432 Hz on the other, as well as solo music playing on the flugelhorn. The musician played improvisations on Chinese melodies that contained the pentatonic scale. This strengthened the effect of the experiment, since it is believed that it is pentatonic music that is healing.

The performer's instrument (Flugelhorn) was tuned to two frequencies of 440 Hz and. 432 Hz. This musical instrument was chosen because it is easy to tune and has no side harmonics, which greatly speeds up the research process.

Main results
Vital parameters (blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation), perception (physical and emotional sensations such as fatigue and stress), level of concentration while listening and overall satisfaction with the experience.

Music tuned to 432 Hz was associated with a small decrease in mean (systolic and diastolic) blood pressure (although not significant), a marked decrease in mean heart rate (-4.79 beats per minute, p = 0.05), and a small decrease in mean respiratory rate (1 bpm, p = 0.06), compared to 440 Hz. Subjects were more focused on listening to music and were generally more satisfied after sessions in which they listened to music tuned to 432 Hz.

The findings suggest that music tuned to 432 Hz can lower heart rate more than music tuned to 440 Hz. The findings suggest repeating the experiment with a larger sample and conducting randomized controlled trials covering more clinical parameters.

As we said earlier, 440 Hz sound standards are accepted in the music world. Most musicians, symphony orchestras, recording studios operate on this frequency, which means that changing the frequency can greatly affect the entire industry. Most likely it is impossible. So the sound of 432 Hz remains purely individual and, to some extent, exclusive. By the way, Terry Heimat production studio works with the generally accepted frequency, but, if possible, does not forget the frequency of 432 Hz.
For example, the music for the film "Stay" was created at a frequency of 432 Hz.

We continue to work on mastering the world of sound.
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