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Forward To New Ukraine

On May 22, 2015, a grandiose cultural event took place in Kharkiv.
"Magic Box" company under the direction of Ukrainian producer Sergey Andreev held a show called "Battle of Orchestras".
In their art of orchestral performance, the orchestra from the city of Odessa Hardy Orchestra and the Kharkov team under the direction of maestro Taras Kutsenko Sloboda Virtuosi Orchestra competed.
Then the orchestra Sloboda Virtuosi Orchestra won.

The concert featured works by Ukrainian and world composers. Among the symphonic hits was the work of the Kharkiv composer Viktor Muzhchil "Forward to the New Millennium", written by him in 2000. Sloboda Virtuosi Orchestra brilliantly performed this work, which is still relevant today.

Ukraine is going through dark times today. But we believe that after long days, flowers will sprout on the earth. Download this single and help Ukraine today.
We will use all funds from the sale of this single to restore the Ukrainian city of Kharkov.
Thanks for your great help!

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