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Another international award for "Startimg point" projekt.

Music video "Starting Point“won two awards at the same time: the Prague International Monthly Film Festival and the Palm Beach International Music Awards for”Best MV Director“and”Best Recording Production" categories.

"Starting Point" documents the outbreak in 2020. The conductor of the ZPO Philharmonic Orchestra Zhangjiajie Kutsenko Taras combines documentary footage and sounds in his author's film and music, accompanied by original music.

Through the cello played by Zhangjiajie Philharmonic musician Tolmacheva Oksana and the sound of the Chinese national instrument gourd silk, people can also hear the sad tones of that period in the music.

The sound design was done by Gusev Sasha. He is a long-term partner of "TVK production studio", winner of major music awards and film festivals.

Kutsenko Taras has also been nominated for other worldwide awards in the field of music and art: the City World Film Festival ("Oscar's Academy Award®qualification), the London Film and Television Festival, the Global Music Award, etc.
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