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The project "Ode to Joy" won a music award in London.

The night before, on February 28, 2021, the Best Music Video Awards ceremony was held in London.
The project "Ode to Joy" won in the category "Sound Design".
According to the laureate Sasha Gusev, the project was another important stage in his career as a sound engineer.

Sasha Gusev is a well-known professional in the music world, a follower of the American Berklee School of Sound Engineering.
He has been composing music since 1993. Collaborated with the group "AT-home". In parallel, he participated in the development and creation of the A program. Ustinova "Style Enhancer Micro". In 1994-95, together with Anton Menshikov, he created his first album “Wild Culture". Since 1999, he has been working with the main animation studios in Russia (Pilot Studio, Shar School_studio, Master Film, Animos Studio). Winner of many prestigious awards in the field of sound.

"I had a chance to perform almost a surgical operation with sound, because many musicians could not record their parts in the studio due to the isolation during the pandemic, and they had to send audio and video files recorded on smartphones. It was difficult to work on the recording of the project because of the different level of recording and the natural noise of non-professional microphones. However, with the help of modern plug-ins, I managed to make the sound more digestible." - said Sasha Gusev to the representative of the press service of the TVK production studio.
In the near future, the sound producer plans to participate in new creative projects of the company and write his own ballet, where he performs as a composer.
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