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The Ukrainian conductor was congratulated on his centennial anniversary.

Vitaly Kutsenko's father Daniel Timofeyevich lived to be a hundred years old. And we wish Vitaly Danilovich to surpass his father.
On the photo: Vitaly Kutsenko with his father Daniil Kutsenko. 1999
Vitaly Kutsenko is an outstanding conductor, teacher, Doctor of Musical Sciences, professor.
In 2019, Vitaly Kutsenko paid a cultural visit to Zhangjiajie and participated in the concerts of the Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra.
On the photo: Vitaly Kutsenko with his mother Maria Kutsenko (Velikorodnaya). 1997
His contribution to world music culture is reflected in his many achievements. He created the now world-renowned Fyodor Chaliapin International Opera Festival; he opened the Samarkand Musical Theater in Uzbekistan.
Vitaly Kutsenko is an honored worker of arts of Ukraine, a prominent figure of culture and art of Ukraine, a continuator of the traditions of the Leningrad school of conducting. Vitaly Kutsenko graduated from the Leningrad School of Conducting (1968) and completed postgraduate studies at the Kazan Conservatory under Professor, People's Artist of the USSR, N. G. Rakhlin.
Winner of the State Prize of the Mari ASSR (1973) and Honored Art Worker of the Mari ASSR (1974).
In 1977 he became the chief conductor of the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after M. Jalil.
In 1982, together with the director of the Tatar Opera and Ballet Theater Raufal Mukhametzyanov, he founded the F. I. Chaliapin Festival of Opera Art.
On the photo: Vitaly Kutsenko at the premiere of the play at the Jalil Kazan Opera and Ballet Theater. 1973
Since 1982 - Principal Conductor of the Tomsk Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra.
Since 1986 - Principal Conductor and Artistic Director of the Kharkov Regional Philharmonic.
Since 1985 he has been a permanent conductor of the N. Lysenko, V. Gorovets and V. Krainev International Competitions.
Since 1997 - Principal Conductor of the Kharkiv Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after N. Lysenko.
In 2010-2011 - guest conductor at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (Germany).
In 2010-2011 - Chairman of the State Examination Commission of the Kharkiv National University of Arts named after I. P. Kotlyarevsky.
On the photo: the maestro's wife Natalia Nuseva, Vitaly Kutsenko, son Taras Kutsenko (Terry Heimat), daughter-in-law Yuliya Kutsenko. 2011
Vitaly Kutsenko has performed with many outstanding musicians and conducted orchestras around the world.
The Rectorate and the entire faculty of the University are pleased to congratulate Vitaly Kutsenko on his 85th birthday and wish him many years of healthy life!
Taras Kutsenko (Terry Heimat), specifically in honor of his father's anniversary released a single and made a short video.
He used lyrics and music by renowned composer, arranger, musician Jeremy Lubbock, which was performed by the great jazz-soul singer Al Jarreau in his day.

"Right now my father is in Ukraine and because of the war I can't meet him. I miss him very much, but I believe that the truth will prevail and we will be reunited again."
Not like this without a single tear
We can't just walk away as if It never happened.

Our kind of love has never talked in whispers.
So if it's time to go let's do it right and go out loud.

But not like this without a backward glance.
Did all our feeling die the moment love was over.

Well, not in me 'cause I still feel you in my soul.
So I will leave you tenderly or bitterly.

But not like this.
The video features an adapted Chinese text translated by a wonderful friend of the Kutseco family, Dr. Ma Liming.
Maestro Vitaliy Kutsenko was also congratulated on his jubilee by the Governor General of Zhangjiajie Liu Gean. In his congratulatory address he thanked Maestro Kutsenko for his contribution to the artistic exchange between Zhangjiajie and Ukriana.

Congratulations to Виталий Куценко on his 85th birthday! We wish you health and many more years! See also:

Опубликовано Тарасом Куценко Вторник, 25 июня 2024 г.
We join all congratulations and wish Vitaly Kutsenko many years of healthy life!
Listen also to the instrumental version of the single "Not Like This".
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