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The premiere of a new musical version of a famous Chinese song in Sanji.

The Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra participated in the Sanjiajie Festival.
On April 16, 2024, a new arrangement of the well-known Chinese folk song "Mulberry Tree with Lampstand Sangzhi" (symphonic version) premiered at the Sanzhi Open Air Festival.
This song is so popular that it is performed in different genres and styles.

The story and plot of the song:

When spring comes, the breath of spring has stimulated the branches, it grows vigorously, entwined with the branches, and from then on, the two snuggle together, and will never be separated. In this way, a rich musical imagery appeared, a classic folk song that has been sung for thousands of years was born, it is deep and gentle, moving, is another ode to classical love. At the same time, it is also the defense of the country and the perfect combination of male and female love, stirring, long sung.
(Adapted translation)

The mulberry tree is intertwined with the Lampshade tree.
Write a sealed letter in a thousand years.
If you don't come within a year,
I'll wait for a year.
If you don't come within two years,
I'll wait for you for two years.
I'll wait for you as long as it takes.
The heart is a lock. The key isn't in the lock.
I can't open it.
The Matsang tree and the Lampstand tree are two very different trees, but the Lampstand tree often climbs on the Matsang tree and its branches are tightly intertwined. Therefore, the Tujia people use the imagery of the Matsang tree and the Lampstand tree to express the lingering love between men and women, the dependence on each other in life and death, and the unswerving love of never leaving each other. The language of the song is pure and simple, and the feelings are sincere. In terms of the tune, it is a folk song built on the pentatonic plagal mode. The whole song has five lines, and the interlocking melody between the lines is like a continuous flow of love from the bottom of the heart, which expresses the pure love of the husband and wife. Sangzhi folk song describes the longing of husband and wife separated by thousands of kilometers through euphemistic tunes and simple language, showing a simple and chaste concept of love, and in the Revolutionary period this love folk song was endowed with a touch of thick bright red.

Author of the arrangement, Prof. Taras Kutsenko (Terry Heimat)

“Many versions of this beautiful folk theme have been specifically given, but I specifically adapted this song for voice and symphony orchestra. I think these folk songs by Sanji complemented the wild beauty of nature that was an integral part of our performance.”
I naturally decided to write a symphonic version of this song performed by the Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra

Performed by Wan Xiao Chenyu

«Compared to the many versions of this folk song “Mulberry tree..”, we perform our version with many symphonic elements.»
With this project, we would like to show the special culture and natural scenery of Sanji through the combination of Sanji folk songs and symphonic music, and hope to invite everyone to feel the "sound" of Sanji folk songs and the beautiful freedom of mountains and wildlife together through such activities.

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