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GORDON. "Stay". The Ukrainian director and the American screenwriter presented the new film. Video

Ukrainian director, composer and musician Taras Kutsenko (creative pseudonym - Terry Heimat), who now lives and works in China, shot a short film "Stay" based on the script of American screenwriter and producer Alex Sino. The premiere of the tape took place on October 2 on Kutsenko's YouTube channel.
Kutsenko also created the music for the film, and the sound producer of the tape was the sound designer Sasha Gusev. The main role in the film was played by a native of Uzbekistan, violinist Ilkhomjon Shoismatov. The shooting of the film took place in the Chinese city of Zhangjiajie, according to a release provided to the online publication "GORDON" by Kutsenko's team.
"This is a story about a violinist playing at a crowded railway station. He strives to remain human in the difficult circumstances in which we all live. The violinist wants to communicate with people and the world through his music. Listening to him, people move away from the mundane, their existence becomes more meaningful. There are only eight minutes between the arrival and departure of the train, but significant changes take place in people during this time," Kutsenko announced the film.

Taras Kutsenko was born in 1977 in Kazan (Russia) in a musical family. He is the author of music for many theatrical productions and films.
Kutsenko has lived and worked in Kharkiv since 2010. He was the conductor of the Youth Academic Symphony Orchestra "Slobozhansky".
In 2018, he went to China on a cultural mission, where in 2019 he founded the zHangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra, whose members are Ukrainian musicians.
Kutsenko is the winner of the Hollywood Blastoff Award (2021) in the nomination "Best Song or Music for an unfinished or unreleased Film" for the single BazaArt (All be fine). 
Alex Sino was born in 1957 in Odessa, moved to the USA in 1989. Sino is a screenwriter, creative producer and lyricist, winner of many awards and prizes. New York University awarded Sino the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. 
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