In memory of our brother
9/15/1959 - 9/7/2023
His rhythm will be in our hearts forever

Camilo Valencia

Arranger, songwriter and instrumentalist, GRAMMY® and EMMY® winner.

Dedication to Camilo Valencia
A new single dedicated to our friend Camilo Valencia.
This music was written by composer Alexndr Zatsepin. We arranged and performed this wonderful piece "Mystery of the 3rd Planet".
Our friend Camilo was a great musician, music producer of many of our projects.
We will remember you Camilo! R.I.P.
The Mystery of the 3rd Planet
Feat: Yurii Kokidko, Vladimir Glazkov, Olena Savchuk, Oksana Tolmachova
It's unfortunate news; he was an incredible musician and a lovely person. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and fans. RIP.
I am saddened by the death of my great friend and colleague Camilo Valencia. God gave you 4 hearts to live and write beautiful music. You were raised in Miami and your music shall stay with us and will sound in Miami forever. I can’t believe that we lost you, Cami… My deepest condolences to his friends and family. We will never forget you.

Alex, I am crying. Can’t stop. Can believe that Cami passed away. Nothing will replace him in my heart.
It was one night in 1989 when I met Camilo Valencia, I was just a boy who played with the soul and I wanted to eat the world and it was at a Miami night spot when Camilo and his friends arrived and unloaded with the orchestra of the place. I was surprised to play with that group of musicians that I watched since I was a child on the TV show "The Joy Fair". But I didn't know that my Big Bro and Calos Oliva would mark the beginning of my music career on that day.

With Los nephews of the Judge and his musical director Camilo he has been playing since 1992, they taught me about the business of music and guided me to be what I am today.

Camilo flipped me on my first recording when he told me that he had something special in my way of playing, he gave me the opportunity to mature as a percussionist and educate my ear. , so he started recommending me to almost every major producer I know and little by little he became my guide, my big brother and my unconditional friend. (Partners in crime)

"Flakdemierd" you leave me with a deep pain in the soul, but I only have gratitude for 32 years of advice, endless laughter and so much love. You will be with me in every note I play and in those difficult moments where I remember your voice telling me "live life Chamako is short" RIP my dear "Flakdemierd"
Vivirás por siempre mi amado hermano, amigo y compadre Camilo Valencia. 4 corazones fue la mayor prueba de amor de papito Dios. Mi sentidas condolencia a su hermosa familia que estuvo luchando en todo momento junto a él. Vuela alto Camilo

Pianist, composer

Grief for all of us! Camilo Valencia, a wonderful musician, great friend of many musicians and producer of countless music projects, the last of which was the Made in Miami project "Magic Song", featuring almost the entire light of the Latino pool, has died.

All this time we prayed for his health, but his fourth heart transplant surgery turned out to be his last.

Here's what Camille told me after the surgery. These were his last words:

«Hey Terry!

Yeah, still recovering from transplant.

I lost 37 pounds so I look very skinny but all the “heart numbers” look great and my energy is very good.

Started playing (working) already.

Terry thanks for your concern. Wishing you the best in every phase of your life.

Keep writing music. Keep playing. Don’t ever stop.»

Indeed, Camille has never rested on his laurels, which is a great example for all of us.

Camilo! I think your heart will now beat forever - to the rhythm of that blessed music you created.

You will live on as long as we remember.

Que en Paz Descanse Camilo!


Composer, conductor

With Camilito at Crescent Moon!

I can’t even remember what were we recording… Camilo was the kind of person I would say yes to no matter what the project was. He was always so professional, protective of his fellow artists rights, so correct. I always knew he had my back! Yet we would laugh for hours, talking nonsense, making inappropriate jokes…too much fun!

God I will miss him!

I first met Camilo back in 1982. Back then, I knew him as a very talented saxophonist and flutist. A few years later, I was playing his big band compositions and arrangements at MDC Kendall directed by John Georgini (formerly MDCC South) and I was absolutely amazed and blown away by how great and unique these charts were!

While it was evident he learned from the earlier masters, he took that knowledge and went outside the box by combining different timbres, woodwind doubles, and timely space to create his unique framework. I learned tremendously by listening to his arrangements over and over again. Camilo was one of the best arrangers I ever known, met, or even listened to. He inspired me to write my own big band arrangements even though it took me another 25 years to muster up the courage to begin writing. My salsa arrangement of Happy Birthday was very heavily influenced by his pen. For this I am forever grateful that I’ve was able to share the stage and play his tunes.

However, it greatly saddens me that I won’t be able to tell him this in person… RIP Camilo Valencia

With Love and Gratitude,


RIP Camilo Valencia. A great man has left us. He was truly loved by his friends and family. My heart goes out to his family and his many many close friends. I can’t say any more, its a shock.

It’s a sad day.
Yesterday I lost my dear friend of 40+ years. The music world lost an incredible talent. My Arranger, Producer Camilo Valencia.
Love to his family.

Camilo has left us to a better place , a brother to me. My heart is ripped to pieces.
Camilo nos ha dejado para ir a un sitio mejor,ha sido un hermano para mi.Mi corazón está en pedazos.

Como cada miércoles, comencé mi programa con la banda sonora de mi Cubaneando donde año tras año se destaca el saxofón de nuestro querido Camilo Valencia, que continuará escuchándose cada semana.

So, so saddened by the loss of our dear friend and brother Camilo. Beyond a talented musician was especially a formidable human being and family man with a huge heart. He was one of the most positive persons I’ve ever met. In the midst of adversity, he would always have a big smile and find the bright side of things, with a great sense of humor. He always stood with his head up through trials and tribulations. He was a winner!

Muy triste por la partida de nuestro querido amigo y hermano Camilo Valencia. Más allá de este talentoso músico, había sobre todo un ser humano formidable y un hombre de familia con un corazón enorme. Siempre fue una de las personas más positivas que he conocido. Afrontaba cualquier adversidad con una sonrisa y le buscaba el lado bueno a las cosas, siempre manteniendo un gran sentido del humor. Siempre mantuvo la cabeza en alto a través de pruebas y tribulaciones. ¡Fue un ganador!

A través del tiempo siempre he presentado su música pero este 2022-23 en particular fue de gran alegría ya que, aunque en su extensa carrera que comenzó desde muy joven ha sido premiado con Grammys, Emmy’s y otros galardones y ha tocado con muchos artistas internacionalmente conocidos, me llenó de regocijo que al fin lanzaría su álbum como líder: formidable proyecto, Made in Miami, junto a su partner musical Richie Bravo y con la participación de familia y grandes amigos. Recuerdo que antes de que éste saliera al mercado, Camilo me envío los audios en primicia para que le diera mi opinión. Le dije enseguida, sin duda era un disco merecedor de todos los premios. Realmente me daba aún más alegría que hubiese logrado ese sueño de sacar “su primer disco”, como me escribió, y sobre todo en un momento tan crucial y cercano a su tercer transplante de corazón. Enseguida empezó a sonar el álbum en mi Cubaneando con gran éxito. Qué bueno que él lo puedo escuchar y disfrutar.

Hoy le dediqué el programa y me di a la difícil tarea de compartir la triste noticia con los oyentes. No fue fácil. Pero dejé que la música me ayudara. Ya Camiluky descansa plácidamente. Y aunque lo extrañamos por acá, nos quedan muchos gratos recuerdos; y siguen apareciendo fotos y notas en la web que nos recuerdan que gran persona era. Descansa en paz, querido Camilo. Mi más sentido pésame para todos en la familia Valencia, Califa Rafael, Ale, Carlitos Carlos y LSDJ y a tantos amigos.

From Yulya It is truly heartbreaking. The man that was filled with such true music, the flood of creativity and passion, he shed his light of music to every corner of the world!
Meeting him was unforgettable. Together with Alex Sino and Richard Bravo, it was a very memorable program. We're truly sorry for losing Camilo Valencia...

A singer and a TV and Radio host.

Esta noche no esta facil. No hay palabras para decirle adios a una persona que ha significando tanto para mi, Anna Steenbakkers, Zoraida Ramirez Betancourt, Ricardo Betancourt, Marirosa Betancourt y tantos mas…. Camilo Valencia se que Stefano Steenbakkers fue tu host en las puertas del cielo y te enseñara como es la vida en un lugar donde no hay dolor, ni enfermedad. Donde podrás bailar, cantar y celebrar en praderas llenas de tantos colores que no hay nombres para describirlos. Donde el tiempo no existe. Donde puedes vernos y cuidarnos hasta el dia en el que podamos llegar a ustedes y abrazarlos hasta el infinito

. Eres un ser sumamente especial que estuvo junto a mi luego de la perdida de mi querido Stefano. Ese corazon que Stef te regalo te duro lo suficiente para ensenarme lo que significa la magia de la donacion de organos. Estare eternamente agradecida de Laura Homar, Uka Green y Luis Enrique quienes fueron clave en que pudieramos conocernos y apoyarnos en los momentos mas dificiles de nuestras vidas. A Eric Valencia le envio un abrazo solidario. Tuviste un Papa fuera de LIGA. Estare para ti cuando me necesites. A tu hermosa familia y a Ale saben que siempre estare agradecida de poder conocerlos y compartir con ustedes a Camilo
Gracias Flakie por tu amistad, tu amor, tus consejos y tu apoyo incondicional. Descansa en paz. Love you to the moon and back. #lamamadestefano
Otro dia triste hoy. De las cosas que uno más sufre cuando nos vamos poniendo viejos, uno son los cambios en nuestras cualidades y posibilidades físicas y otro es que comienzan a desaparecer los seres que más quieres y aprecias, entre familiares y amigos. Hoy se fue uno que vamos a extrañar mucho y siento tremenda tristeza mientras escribo estas lineas. Conocí a Camilo Valencia cuando hice mi primer trabajo en este país, en Julio de 1995 y desde ahí hasta que se enfermó grave hace unos días, hicimos un montón de trabajos juntos y teníamos proyectos para el futuro. Increíble ser humano que luchó durante años por su vida, y que en medio de las vicisitudes de ese proceso, nunca perdió su jovialidad y su amor por la música. Descansa en paz mi hermanito. Nunca te vamos a olvidar.
Todos lloramos tu partida Camilo Valencia descansa en paz. Realmente tengo el corazón muy triste. Un súper humano fuiste. Tocaste la vida de tantos. Me siento orgullosa de haber te conocido. Mis mas sinceras condolencias a todos, tu familia, tu hermano, Eric y a todos quienes tuvimos la oportunidad de conocerte y compartir contigo Camilo… Vuela alto
Camilo Valencia
Arranger / Producer / Sax – EWI – Flute - Keyboards

Camilo Valencia Worked as an arranger and or producer and or performer with:
Carlos Santana, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Jose Feliciano, Natalia Jimenez, Wyclef Jean, David Bisbal, David Byrne, Franco De Vita, Raul Di Blasio, Luis Enrique, Olga Tañon, Menudo, Nestor Torres, Chayanne, Willy
Chirino, Marcia Griffith (Electric Slide) Fanny Lu

Camilo Valencia Sound producer and performer of the Terry Heimat Studios LLC

Worked as an arranger and or producer and or performer with:
Carlos Santana, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Jose Feliciano, Natalia Jimenez, Wyclef Jean, David Bisbal, David
Byrne, Franco De Vita, Raul Di Blasio, Luis Enrique, Olga Tañon, Menudo, Nestor Torres, Chayanne, Willy
Chirino, Marcia Griffith (Electric Slide) Fanny Lu...


Musical Director
La Voz Kids - Telemundo / Universal
A Oscuras Pero Encendidos - Telemundo
Viva El Sueño – Univision
Premios Univision Deportes - Univision
Republica Mundialista - Univision

Composer / Arranger / Producer / Performer.
Cristina (Univision) - Ocurrio Asi (Telemundo) - Padre Alberto (Telemundo) – Un Nuevo Dia (Telemundo) –
Viva El Sueño (Univision) - Premios Univision Deportes (Univision) - La Voz Kids (Telemundo) - El Balon De
Oro - (Univision) - Republica Mundialista (Univision)

Studied Saxophone and Flute under the tutelage of:
Arthur Morantz – Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra. Eddie Caine – New York, LA, Miami session player.
Ed Calle – Professor, MDC.
Studied Arranging under the tutelage of:
Gary Lindsey – Professor, University of Miami. Ron Miller – Professor, University of Miami.
Studied Piano under the tutelage of:
Sanford Gold - NBC Orchestra

Emmy – “Pegate Al 23” – Univision. “Padre Alberto” – Telemundo
Grammy – “Dilema” Luis Enrique – Arranger. “This Side Of Paradise” Nestor Torres – Producer
BMI TV Theme Awards – “Cristina” – Univision. “Ocurrio Asi” – Telemundo
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