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  • Flute 2
  • Oboe 2
  • Clarinet 2
  • Bassoon 1
  • Saxophone 1
  • French horn 4
  • Trumpet 2
  • Trombone 2
  • Tuba 1
  • Drum set 1
  • Timpani
  • Percussion 1
  • keyboards 1
  • Bass guitar 1
  • Electric guitar 1
  • Violins 14
  • violas 4
  • Cellos 4
  • Basses 3
Terms of
The management of the orchestra welcomes everyone to whom music is more important than anything else in life!
We try to do our best to make our musicians feel comfortable and at ease.
Employer provides:
  • provision of housing (room per person);
  • compensation for electricity, hot water and food on a monthly basis;
  • medical insurance and attachment to its own clinic, which has all the modern diagnostic and treatment equipment, qualified doctors, dentists, urologists, gynecologists, orthopedists and surgeons;
  • developed infrastructure of the place of residence and work on the campus of Zhangjiajie University.
When processing the documents of a new specialist, the employer takes over:
  • payment of the consular fee for the issuance of a work visa;
  • Flight from the capital of the country of departure of the musician to Zhangjiajie and back, at the end of the contract.
Conditions of work
  • Artist's work schedule of no more than 20 hours per week with one day off;
  • 1 month vacation during the Chinese New Year vacations;
  • full pay period of 11 months;
  • paid flight home and back during the vacation period;
  • It is possible to stay in China during the vacation period and receive compensation for the money not spent on the flight home, but not more than 5000 yuan;
  • The contract is signed for 1 year with the right of prolongation.
  • Salary is paid in full every 24th of the month.
  • Salary from 8000 yuan + bonuses for commercial concerts.
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