Nastya Kutsenko

Our daughter started first grade.

In China this happens on August 25th. We were lucky, because went to an elite school with advanced Chinese and English language classes. Many graduates of this school continue their education at the best universities in the world.
Together with our daughter in the class will learn another 34 people, and this is considered the smallest number by the standards of China. Other schools have 65 students in each class. Our class has two teachers at the same time: one teacher teaches the class and another teacher assists the first teacher and monitors discipline. I think that is a reasonable approach for elementary classes.

Our daughter will study five days a week from 7:25 am to 7:10 pm. So most of the day, our daughter will absorb the mentality, culture, and way of life of China. I think after a while the rudiments of education and culture will be reinforced in our family. So at night, my wife and I will continue to read books in our native language to our daughter. At least that's what we've been doing for the past four years.
So we were lucky.
Study, my daughter!
All be fine!
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