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The project "GLORY" received Art Film Awards.

In the capital of Northern Macedonia, the city of Skopje, awards were presented to the winners of the Art Film Awards.
Photo: Skopia, Mocedonia

The AFA bronze statuettes and the winner's diploma were awarded to the Zhangjiajie Symphonic Art Center project for the music video "Glory".

The theme of the music video "Glory" is the struggle of humanity against the epidemic.
"Unite and win" - such words of the song inspire confidence that humanity is able to overcome any epidemic, only if the efforts in the fight are solidary.
The music video contains documentary footage of real events when the epidemic swept the city of Zhangjiajie. But the city has exposed, thanks to the unification of all people.
The project "Glory" received the AFA award in two categories at once: The best presentation of a documentary video and the Best sound design.
Earlier, the project "Glory" was awarded the award of the Slovak Film Festival "High Tatras Film & Video Festival" in the nomination Best Sound Design.

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