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The Magic Song is the Winner at the Dispatches of War International Film Festival (DoWFF).

The Magic Song is the Winner at the Dispatches of War International Film Festival (DoWFF).
Out of Hundreds of Festivals organized to recognize independent filmmakers and creators, the Dispatches of War International Film Festival (DoWFF) held in Kyiv, Ukraine has a special meaning for the creators of “The Magic Song”, an international project and film released in December 2021 based on the traditional music by Mykola Leontovich “Shedryk/Carol of the Bells” and the original music of Ukrainian composer Taras Kutsenko, Directed by Terry Heimat and written by Alex Sino.
The Magic Song was awarded the “Best Music” video and as the “Film made by cinema artists of Ukraine origin living abroad or films about Ukraine”
DoWIFF was organized by a group of independent filmmakers from Ukraine with the idea to demonstrate international solidarity with people who fight for their rights and freedom and help the victims of wars. DoWIFF is held under the support of the National Research Institute of Ukraine Studies, Kyiv, Ukraine, and the National Academy of Cultural Managers of Ukraine.
Congratulations to the artists and creative team:
Zhangjiajie Philharmonic Orchestra (Hunan, China)
Alex Sino (producer)
Camilo Valencia (sound producer)
Sasha Gusev Саша Гусев (mastering)
Светлана Тельбух (sand animator)
Al Di Meola (Acoustic guitar)
Dr. Ed Calle (saxophone)
Richard Bravo Richie Cuero (percussions)
Альберт Федосеев (piano)
Andrei Pushkarev (vibraphone)
Camilo Velandia (Electric Guitar)
Fafa Rafael Valencia (bass)
Leonid Agutin (Lead vocal)
Julio Ariel Diez (Tune trumpet)
Angelica Varum (Lead vocal)
Amaury Gutierrez (Lead vocal)
Ale Andino (Flute)
Ann Lytvyn (Cello)
Konstantin Slobodenyuk Костянтин Слободенюк (flute)
Alex Tymkiv Олексій Тимків (clarinet)
Daniil Popov Даниил Попов (clarinet)
Nastya Kutsenko (actress)
Marina Sino (production coordinator)
Stephanie Di Meola (production coordinator)
Viktor Renner (consultant)
Anatoliy Telbukh (technical director)


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