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Artem Dubyna

Bass guitar, keyboards, composer
Artem Dubyna
Bass guitar, keyboards, composer
Artem Dubyna - Ukrainian bass player/ jazz / fusion, composer and teacher.
Collaborates with the Terry Heimat production studio
Collaboration in the project "JUST A DAY"

• Was born in Orzhytsya, Ukraine. Graduated from Poltava college of music.
• Has 10 years of experience in original and cover bands, studio sessions and live shows for various artists. Winner of national and international music contests. Performed at festivals, TV shows, commercial gigs all over Ukraine and China. In Ukraine was teaching in Poltava Small Academy of Arts and leading Philharmonic orchestra of native instruments. Worked for A-star music agency, has been part of fusion band Weedazz, performed in “Big Jazz” and “Vinoteca” jazz clubs in Chengdu, China. Recorded album “Hylozoism” as a part of progressive fusion band named Epíkourostan leaded by the German bass player Bodo von Zingler. Shared the stage with American soul/funk band James&Black. Performed on big music festivals in Chengdu, Lijiang, Hefei, Guiyang as a bass and keyboard player.


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